We will Add and Merge your second largest Sales Channel integration. 

If you are selling on Multiple channels but your products are different, the you can skip this guide and add your Sales Channel integrations as last time

But if you are selling the same items, across multiple channels then the most important thing is to set your Sales Channel integration to Automatically Merge (this potentially saves hours of set-up work). 

Choose your second integration and before you begin following the Instructions Guide and filling out your credential details, look to the bottom left corner of the pop-up window and mark off the “Merge products with identical SKU” checkbox (this checkbox only become visible when you are adding your second integration)

A dropdown menu will appear, from it, choose the First Integration you added (If all Sales Channel integrations have the same products, you must use the same marketplace from this drop down every time). With this selected, you can finish filling our your integration credentials and press Connect. 

If you made a mistake and are not sure of what is going on, please contact the customer service, by clicking the red chat icon at the bottom right and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Please note: Before you add any new integrations you need to wait for the previous one to finish syncing.

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