The single order page layout is divided into 3 main parts

1st Column:

This contains the Back button and other orders with the same status to the one that is opened. For each of them you will find information relating to their Status, Order number, Order Date and Order Total. You can click on them at any point to see their full information. 

2nd Column:

This contains detailed information on the order contents as well as certain functionalities found on the Order page itself. Going from top-to-bottom:

You can switch between detailed Order information and Customer information. Manually change order status to New, Shipped or Canceled

If it's a New order you can Ship it from here. See the Order Number and Order Date. Tag order and Print order related documents.

See detailed order item information like order item qty, price, shipping fees, taxes, discounts and the total order sum. You can click on the Blue item name to be redirected directly into the inventory.

Enter Order Notes and see Customer Notes left during order process.

Delete the order.

3rd Column:

This contains Payment, Customer, Fulfilment and some Team Member information.

The Payment Status will show weather the order was paid for or not and how it was paid. 

In here you will also be able to choose a payment method for any orders that you created manually.

The Customer field will show customers details like Name, Email and Telephone.

The Shipping and Billing address will appear here.

Further down you will find Fulfilment details. This field will fill in when the Order is shipped.

And finally we have the dropdown where you can assign team members to this order.

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