Please Note: 

Bulk Shipment is in development and works only with USPS, Royal Mail, Manual Shipments and Drop-shipments. This feature will be enabled for all carriers in future updates.

Bulk Shipment feature allows you to select multiple orders and then choose your shipping preset once and automatically apply that to all selected orders.

To Bulk Ship items, go to Orders page.

Mark all of the orders that you are looking to ship

The order table header now shows a new menu. Inside it press on the Bulk Shipment button. This will bring up a new pop-up window.

All of the selected orders can be found on the left side and their details can be shown by clicking on of the corner arrows. You can also adjust the shipping address for each item, if necessary. On the right side you will find all of the shipping carriers that support Bulk Shipment (for now this is only available for USPS, Royal Mail, Dropshiment and Manual Shipments)

To continue, press on the desired currier (we are using Manual Shipment in this example)

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