You will handle all Order Shipping and Label Printing from the Multiorders Order page. 

As well as Adding Notes, Assigning Team Members and Printing various documents like Invoices, Return Forms, Picking Lists and Delivery Notes

Furthermore you will be able to Create Custom Order’s and accept credit card payments with Stripe

We will go top-to-bottom to briefly cover each portion of the Orders Page:

You will always find the Main Menu at the top. 

The sub-menu below it contains the three main order status tabs. New, Shipped and All (you will find Canceled orders in the All tab).
The Clear Demo button will remove all demo order, inventory and customer information when you don't need it anymore.
You will also find Order Import and Export here, as well as a Button to Create Orders.

The next area below that is for Filters and Search Bar.

Finally we have the main Order Table itself. From here you will able to View and Leave Order Notes, Assign Team Members, View Shipment information and Ship Orders. As well as Enable and Disable Columns by pressing the Grey + sign at the end of the table header.

When at least on orders checkbox is marked, it will change the table header into a new menu. From there you will be able to Add Tags, Print Documents, Change Order Status and Bulk Ship items.

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