The Inventory page consists of 4 different tabs. Simple, Configurable, Merged and Bundled, each will be covered in it's own Guide.

In here I will be covering the Configurable Tab of Inventory page, this is where you will be able to find all of your existing products that have variations. From here you will be able to Create Configurable Products go into each product and see it's variations. 

You will always find the Main Menu at the top. 

The sub-menu contains all the important Tabs. Simple, Configurable, Merged and Bundled (each has it's own guide) and the Create Product button (this is used to create configurable products on the system).

The small area bellow that contains the Filters and the Search Bar. An additional Tag button appears when there is at least one inventory item selected from the table. A small counter near the Search bar keeps track of the total amount of configurable products you have in the Inventory.

Finally at the very bottom we have the main Configurable Product table. From here you can see to what sales channel the product belongs to, it's name and leave tags on it.

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