You can create custom Inventory Items inside Multiorders platform. These can be used to manage items sold outside of your marketplaces or for items unrelated to your sales channels like packaging. You can create Simple Products or Configurable Products.

In this guide, I will be covering the creation process of Configurable Products (Inventory Items). First go to Inventory, then switch to Configurable tab and press the blue Create Product button to the right.

This will open a new pop-up window for Configurable Product creation. The required fields are Product Name and Product SKU. Other fields like Qty, Buy Price and Sell Price are also required, but are pre-filled to 0 automatically. 

You could create a product providing only the most important information, but we recommend that you fill this out to maximum of your abilities for proper Inventory management.

Please note: The maximum amount of different variation types for a Configurable product is 3.

This is how a fully filled out Configurable Product creation window looks (the only thing we skipped for this tutorial is adding images for all of the variations). 

Going top-to-bottom:

The Product Info fields for Product Name, Product Description, Supplier Name and Brand will be applied to all generated variations.

Other fields like Qty, Bin Location, Reorder Point and Buy / Sell Price will be applied to all variations during creation, but can be changed before creating the product. 

Product Variations field allows you to choose how many different types of variables your product has, like Size or Colour. Each type can have an unlimited amount of values. (The maximum amount of different variable types is 3)

With every Variation type field added, a combination of those variables is created bellow. A lot of the fields are pre-filled from the Product Info area, but can be changed before saving (Variation SKU must be different from all other products available inside Multiorders inventory)

Once you're done filling in the information, just press Save Product.

After thinking for a few seconds, Multiorders will re-load and show your new items in the inventory. Because we are in the Configurable product tab, Multiorders shows only one item. 

You can then click on the new Configurable item name, or on the green Open button to open and see all of the variations.

Quick Note: A blue flag Tag was added to our newly created item.

In here you can see all the variations that are part of our new Configurable product. From here you can mark multiple items and change their stocks or prices in bulk.

To go inside one of the items to see the full details, press on the Variation name.

After going inside you can still see the blue Tag that was added earlier.

This is the inside of one of the created Configurable items variation. 

Please note: The blue tag added in earlier windows does not appear anymore. While the Configurable item and it's variations are the same product, the tags to not carry over into each separate variation. 

The Configurable item variations are now also visible inside the Inventory -> Simple tab.

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