The main inventory table can grow to be very large, especially when there are multiple Sales Channels connected. 

Each marketplace get's their own Stock and Price column. This will cause your Inventory table to be too large to fit on any screen.

We can already see that the table is too large for small screens with just one Sales Channel connected. But there are changed that you can make.

First scroll to the very right of the table where you will find a small + icon.

After pressing on it, a new pop-up window will appear. In here you can enable or disable various columns.

In this case we've choose to disable the Extended Stock columns (these are the individual stock columns for each Sales Channel).

Once you're done making the changes, just press Save.

The Inventory table will re-load and the columns will be gone.

The bare minimum that needs to remain inside the inventory table is the Inventory Item Image, Store Logo and Product Name.

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