In two fairly brief steps I will go over the process of automatically merging your inventory items.

Step 1:

Add your largest Sales Channel integration first. To do that, go into Integrations window and choose your Sales Channel from the available list to the right and click on it. 

In the window pop-up window you will need to type in your credentials to the left and to the right you will find the Integration Guide (these are unique for every integration), you can always press on the “Detailed Instructions” link for a step-by-step guide

Once all the information is filled press Connect. If you entered everything correctly the integration will appear in the “Connected Integrations” menu on the left side. 

After 10 minutes all of your Sales Channel inventory will appear inside Multiorders Inventory page. 

Please note: Only New Orders will appear in Multiorders Orders page, all orders placed before the integration will not be synced. 

Step 2:

We will now Add and Automatically Merge your second largest Sales Channel integration. (this will potentially save hours of set-up work). 

Choose your second integration and before you begin following the Instructions Guide and filling out your credential details, look to the bottom left corner of the pop-up window and mark off the “Merge products with identical SKU” checkbox (this checkbox becomes visible only when you are adding your second integration)

A dropdown menu will appear, from it, choose the First Integration you added (If all Sales Channel integrations have the same products, you must use the same marketplace from this drop down every time). With this selected, you can finish filling our your integration credentials and press Connect

If you selected your marketplaces correctly and your SKU's are identical between sales channels. If your SKU's are different follow the guide here on how to merge your items manually.

All of your products should now be merged and their stocks in sync. If a sale is made on one channel the stock deduction will happen on all.

To add more Sales channels and merge all items automatically, just repeat the process from Step 2.

If you made a mistake and are not sure of what is going on, please contact the customer service, by clicking the red chat icon at the bottom right and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

If you wan to read more about Merged items, you should take a look at these guides:

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