Customer profiles on Multiorders are normally generated automatically based on the order information that we get from your Sales Channels. (All manually created customers are tied to the Local marketplace only).

To manually create a customer profile on Multiorders, first go into Customers page and press on the blue Create Customer button.

A new pop-up window will open asking you to fill out various details about the customer that you are looking to add. The most important ones are Email, First Name, Last Name, Phone, Address Line 1, City, Post Code and Country. But we recommend filling out all of the customer details.

Once thats done, you can then add a secondary address. To do that, just press on the blue Add button, right above the Save.

You will notice that an additional drop-down menu appears right above the address details.

Clicking on it will bring up a menu with your second address in there. Press on it.

It will now ask you fill out the additional address details.

If you don't want to have the additional address, simply press the blue Remove button. Once you're done editing, simply press on the green Save button.

We can now see the new customer we created inside the customers table. And if we click on it it will bring up the detailed view.

In here you can see the full customer information and all of the address you added. As this is a new customer it still has no Order History. 

To Edit this customer again, simply press on the grey Edit button to the right of the customers name.

This will bring up the table we've seen previously again. Make your adjustments and press Save.

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