Multiorders comes with a set of predefined reports already available to you, like:

#11   Low Stock  Report - Basic  
#10   Low Stock  Report - Detailed      
#9   Royal Mail Manifest      
#8   Sales Summary      
#7   Top Products - Detailed      
#6   Top Products - by quantity      
#5   Worst Products - Detailed      
#4   Shipments by carrier      
#3   Dropshipment statistics      
#2   Top Customers - by generated  turnover      
#1   Top Customers - by orders  

To get more reports, you simply need to go into the Reports page.

At the right most side you will find a blue "Request Custom Report" button. 

Pressing on that will bring up a new pop-up window with an empty text field.

Type in your instructions and request in great detail and press on the blue "Request" button. This will send us a message about your request, we will then contact you with a potential date, or ask for further details.

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