The shipping settings can accessed from the Settings panel, which is at the far right of the main menu.

I will now go top-to-bottom an cover all the fields in the Shipping Settings.


In here you can change your warehouse details.

By pressing Edit a new pop-up window will open where you will be able to change any details as you wish.

Default Measure Units:

Here you can change your default measurement units for weight and size.

Pressing on the edit icon near the selected measurements open a new pop-up window allowing you to change your units.


This area allows you to manage all of your package presets, you can delete existing ones, change the default package, edit their details or enable the function to calculate weight automatically and not by parcel.

Pressing Add New Package brings up a new pop-up window where you can add your new package details.


In here you can see all of the carriers that you currently have integrated. You can delete them from here or the integrations window.

Shipments Presets:

In there you can create presets that allow you to combine a carrier and and package to preselect everything in one go.

Pressing Create Shipment Preset brings up a new pop-up window where you can create and save new presets.

Label Format:

Here you can choose your preferred label format from the existing list of templates.

Amazon MCF:
This Option here allows you turn the Amazon MCF Shipping option on or off.


You can add new or modify existing dropshippers options on your Multiorders account.

To add a new dropshipper just press the green Add New Dropshipper button.

Shipping Label:

In here you can choose weather you want your shipping products to be displayed on your shipping label.

Document Settings:

Press on the drop-downs to choose your document templates and click on the checkbox fields to enable or disable various fields on your documents.

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