Multiorders User Settings allows you to create additional log-in details for your staff with full or limited access to the system.

To access user settings, simply press on the Settings menu on the top right, then click on Users. In here you will be able to add as many additional users as you want.

As previously mentioned, you can assign custom roles to each of your users.
There are 5 options in total, of which 4 that you can choose on your own.


Is a status that cannot be added or changed by the user as it is assigned automatically when the account is registered. It has full access to the app.

(if you wish to pass the Owner role to someone else, please contact customer support)


The Admin has the same level of account access as the Owner and can be given to anyone by the Owner.


The Manager role can see and access every part of the Multiorders app except the Settings area.

Order Manager:

The Order Manager only has access to Order, Customer and Reports information.

Inventory Manager:

The Inventory Manager access is limited to the Inventory, Purchases, Suppliers and Reports pages.

Additional User Creation Notes:

You can have as many different user accounts as you want, but you must always provide unique email address when creating these accounts.

You must always select a role for the created user as well.

After the information has been filled out and the new user account is created, the user should check their email for further instructions on how to set their password.


If you have additional questions about the feature, or have ran into unexpected errors, please contact our customer support and we will do our best to solve your problems.

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