Preparing to Update orders.

Before we move to updating orders details I need to re-iterate a point I made in previous guides about fields that you can update and shouldn't update.

We will start from Local orders. You can change any information in the .csv and have the orders updated, except these key items:

  1. Order Number - because this is how we know which order to update, if you change this it will either update nothing or the wrong order.

  2. Marketplace Credential ID - It's best to leave this field alone after export as it can break your order item mapping.

  3. Order Items - unfortunately at this time, there is no good way to modify the existing order item data. Changing the order items info will most likely break the order of have other unexpected results. If an order needs to be updated simply cancel the old one and create a new one via Import or by Duplicating the order.

Moving to updating Marketplace Orders. The same rules apply as above, but on top of those there is an important mechanic I need to make note of. We check for order data every 10 minutes and we update information on Multiorders after that check. This mean that if you use .csv/.tsv to change some of the information that comes to us from the Marketplace Order the marketplace will overwrite that info. Such fields are:

  1. Order Number

  2. Order Date


  4. All Customer address information

Quick Note: Customer order address can be changed, but it has to be done individually by pressing on the order and then on the Cogwheel in the right corner near the customers address.

Orders Shipping process is the same as updating them, but as it is a very important part of order management we have chosen to move it to a separate guide here.

Updating orders via .csv/.tsv Import.

For the first run we always recommend doing a single order only, just to be sure you understood how everything works. Once you have the .csv or .tsv file ready, go back into your Order Page and Press on the Import button again.

This time in the pop-up window press on the Update button, then press on the Choose Sheet button and select your Import ready sheet from your computer.

It should look something like this.

If the Import button is not visible like in the example, simply scroll down and you will see it. Then press on the button.

After Upload.

Your sheet will now be uploaded into the system for checking, if it passes it will be processed and order will be created. All of this progress can be found in the Reports page.

Once there simply scroll down and you will see the Log area, that will show you the progress of your current and past Imports and Exports.

Orders that have finished exporting and are ready for download will look like this.

White the order import is processing it will look like this.

Order Import that has completed without any errors will look like this.

Order Import that has failed will show you that it has processed all the items and how many of them failed.

You can then click on the number of failed orders and it will bring up a screen explaining what went wrong.

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