Amazon NA customer contact number issue

Learn how to solve an issue with customer contact number extension being too long

Updated over a week ago

Most of the time orders coming from Amazon North America to Multiorders have customer contact numbers with additional extension 0000.

You can have your own contact details pre-filled instead of the customers, so that in the event the carrier does call the number to pass on some vital information you will be able to receive it and pass it on to your customer.

To enable prefilling of your phone number:

  1. Go to Settings - Inventory

  2. Under the Warehouse section mark the checkbox next to Prefill missing phone numbers on order using main warehouse info:

Once turned on your shipments will automatically use your warehouse telephone number instead of the one provided in the details of the order.

NOTE: Please be aware that it will do so for all orders, not just the Amazon ones, so you may need to turn this off at times.

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