Please Note:

The current multiple warehouse solution is in it's earliest stages. Certain features may not be available during the time of testing. All future to be added features are listed bellow, if the items you are looking for are not there, please let our support staff know about them.

Missing, but to be added tools and features:

  1. Stock transfer from warehouse A to warehouse B.
  2. Deleting created warehouses.
  3. Creating purchase orders for specific warehouses.
  4. Option to use only one warehouse stock for your sales channel.
  5. Column settings to turn on/off each warehouse in the main Inventory table.

How to add more warehouses:

Additional warehouses can be enabled from the Settings->Shipping menu.

Bellow your current warehouse settings you will find a button "Add A Warehouse"

Please note: New warehouses cannot be easily deleted at this time.

Immediate changes after your add a second warehouse:

Once the new warehouse is created and all relevant information is filled in, two important changes will happen:

First: You will no longer be able to change your total stock from the main inventory table.

In the past you would be able to simply click on the number and change the value, but now clicking on the number will take you inside the product so that you could choose which warehouse stock to change. This is because the warehouse total shown here is the combined stock from all available warehouses.

Please note: When columns are updated to show each warehouse individually, it will again be possible to change stocks from the main table.


You will now see a new warehouse section inside your inner product page. Much like with the main inventory table you cannot adjust the product total like before, but must change the Total for each warehouse individually.

At the moment the total stock quantity sent to your sales channel is the combination of all available stock across all available warehouses.

Individual Product Warehouse Settings:

Whether you have a simple product or a merged product. The items need to have a main warehouse assigned to them as shown bellow.

The warehouse choice here determines from which warehouse the stock must be deducted when a new order comes. In the example above if a WooCommerce order came in we would deduct stocks from the Main Warehouse, but if an order from Etsy came in we would deduct stocks from the Second Warehouse.

Ultimately the total stock from all warehouses is added to a single number to get the products total. Then all In-Order items are added together to deduct from that stock and the remaining number is sent to your Sales Channels.

Shipping and Multiple Warehouse Settings:

With multiple warehouses enabled, there are a couple of additional settings appear when shipping.

In the notes above we wrote about assigning warehouses to individual items to choose which warehouse should have their stocks deducted. These settings transfer over when you need to ship said order.

By default your warehouse settings cary over in shipping so that the item would be fulfilled from he same warehouse where it was originally placed in.

But if for whatever reason you decide that you want the fulfilment to happen from a different warehouse. You can press on the warehouse name dropdown and choose a different one.

Once the change is made and you ship the order it will deduct stocks from the chosen warehouse and not the one to which it was originally assigned to.


This is a new feature that is still in beta, if anything seems out of place or some glaring features are missing that weren't covered in the list at the start, please get in touch with us over the live chat or email.

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