Multiorders dashboard will provide a brief overview of your performance for the selected time period. I will go top-to-bottom and cover all areas.

You will always find the main menu at the top of the window.

In the top header, you will see a brief overview of your statistics, total sales, orders, and items sold for that period. As well as how many new or returning customers you're getting. You will also be able to do quick currency conversion depending on your needs.

Further down you will see your sales statistics per channel.

Then you will get a brief look at your top products and customers. For example, you can sort your customers by how often they buy from you, or how many different items they bought, or what's the total amount of money they spent with you.

And lastly, we have our columns for Top selling cities and countries, a quick overview of the inventory stock, as well sales statistics for the last 7 days by the hour.

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