Different user access levels

Learn about different access roles that can be applied to your staff accounts

Updated over a week ago

When you go to Settings - Account and scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see your account members and the dropdown next to them where you can choose their access level:

We will review below what kind of access each user role gets:

Owner - it is assigned automatically when you create the account with Multiorders and it allows you to have full access to the app. If you wish to give the Owner role to someone else, please contact our customer support.

Admin - full access to the app

Manager - full access except for the Settings area

Order Manager - access to Order, Shipping and Automation pages only

Inventory Manager - access to the Inventory, Purchases, Suppliers, Product Merge, Product Lister and the Error Log.

Orders and Inventory Manager - combines access for Order Manager and Inventory Manager. No access to the main Dashboard or Reports.


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