The company settings can be accessed from the Settings panel, which is at the far right of the main menu.

I will now go top-to-bottom and cover all the fields in the Company Settings.


The area here shows all of your company address information and logos.

If you want to change your logo or address, you can do that by pressing the green Edit button


You can adjust your reply to email here. Any low stock notifications will go to the Reply-To email.

To change it just press on the green Edit button and type in your new email in the new pop-up window.

Reorder point:

You can enable email notifications here. And adjust the threshold.

If you press on the green Edit button, it will bring up a pop-up to enter a new Low Stock value.

Inventory Categories:

Here you will find all of your created Categories that you can Edit or Remove.

Pressing on the green Add Category button will bring up a new pop-up window to allow you to add a new category.

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