To create a new purchase order, first, go into the Purchases window, then press on the blue Create PO button.

In the new pop-up window, you will be able to select your supplier, dates, and the products that want to order. You can search these either via Supplier SKU, Product Name, or Product SKU.

I will briefly go over the field top-to-bottom:

From the header area, you can choose your supplier. The Terms field should pre-fill automatically based on your Supplier settings. You can then add a reference and change some dates.

Bellow that you will find your default shipping address, that you can change for that specific purchase order.

After that, you are the area for adding the items that you want to order. It is possible to adjust pricing and tax values as you go along.

And finally, we have the Supplier Notes field, total cost calculations, and finally, two buttons to either save the Purchase Order as a Draft or Raise It.

After you have filled out the Purchase Order form all you need to do is press Save Draft or Raise Order.

Once you press Raise Order it will appear as a Raised and Unpaid purchase order on your list.

If you click on the new order you will be taken inside where you can mark it off as paid or receive it. Purchase Order at this stage cannot be edited, if you made a mistake you will need to delete this PO and create a new one.

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