How to Tag Suppliers

Learn how to tag Suppliers for convenient filtering

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  1. Go to the Suppliers page. To the leftmost side of the listed suppliers, you will see empty checkboxes. Select a supplier you want to tag by check-marking it and click on the Tag button:

  2. You will see a dropdown list with all of your tags. If you need to create a new tag, scroll down until you will see Add Tag option:

  3. Give your tag a name, choose its color and click on Save:

  4. Your newly created tag should now appear on the tags list. Click on it to be applied:

That's it - your tag has been applied and is now visible next to the supplier:

You can add as many tags as you need. Keep in mind that this will expand your individual customer lines to accommodate all of the tags.

To remove the tags individually, click the small X sign next to each tag.

To remove the tags in bulk, select the suppliers from which you want tags to be removed, click on the Tags button, and unmark your selection:

Create, edit and delete tags from the Inventory settings

Go to Settings - Inventory, and scroll down to the bottom until you see section Tags. Here you can see all of your tags, Edit them, Add New or Delete them entirely.

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