1. Go to the Suppliers page and click on Filter

  2. Select the criteria according to which you want your suppliers to be filtered. Let's select "created date" in this case:

  3. Fill in the details and click on Add:

That's it - suppliers are now filtered by the chosen created date:

From here you can add more filters to filter the existing results.

You can also save the filter for future use by clicking on Save for later:

A pop-up will appear where you can give your filter a name and click on Save Filter:

To find your saved filter go to Filters, press on the Saved Filters where you will see your saved filter:

Filter types

Created Date: filter suppliers that were added before or after a specific date.
Contact No: include or exclude suppliers that have a specific phone number.
Email: include or exclude suppliers that have a specific email.
Tag: include or exclude suppliers containing a specific Tag.

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