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Step 3. Integrate your shipping carriers
Step 3. Integrate your shipping carriers

Learn how to connect your shipping carriers

Updated over a week ago

Go to Integrations and choose your Shipping Carrier integration from the available list to the right. You can filter the available integrations by clicking on the Carriers button above the available integration list.

In the pop-up window that has just opened, you will need to type in your credentials to the left, and to the right, you will find the Integration Guide (these are unique for every integration), you can always press on the “Detailed Instructions” link for a step-by-step guide. Once all the information is filled press Connect.

If you entered everything correctly the integration will appear in the “Connected Integrations” menu.

You can now use your integration for shipping orders from your Orders window.

Please Note: Certain integrations may require additional confirmation based on your carrier, all requirements will be noted in the instruction guides. If you run into any issues, get in touch with our customer support and we will be able to help you.

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