Go to the Orders page. Look at the empty checkboxes to the left.

You can mark individual orders or all at once. This will bring up a new menu at the top of the Order Table. One of the new options will be called Change Status.

Pressing on the button will bring up a new pop-up window that will allow you to choose and apply a new status for the selected orders.

The available statuses are New, In-Progress, Shipped, and Canceled.

In this case, I will choose Shipped and press Ok. The orders have now disappeared from the New tab and are now present inside the Shipped tab.

Please Note: Changing your order status to Shipped like this will not update the status on the marketplaces. You will need to ship the order to update the marketplace status.
You can use Manual Shipping if you don't want to use a carrier, but still want to update your order with a carrier name or tracking code.

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