What is it?

The main use of order merge is to reduce your shipping costs. It is quite often that a client might purchase multiple items from the same or several of your stores in a single day. Multiorders checks for these types of orders and allows you to merge them so that you could send them all as a single package.

Note of detailed settings: Orders (from the same or different sales channels) can be merged if they have identical customer details, shipping addresses, are paid or partially paid.

if you want to be able to Merge Orders from different sale channels or partially paid orders. Please enable this in Settings -> Company -> scroll down to Order Merge select checkboxes.

Order Merge Process

There are two ways to Merge Orders, Auto - Merge and Manual Merge.

If you want to use Auto - Merge, go to Orders -> New, look at the orange Merge button, it shows how many orders can be merged automatically (in this case 2 orders).

After pressing Open Merge, a pop-up window will appear with mergeable orders placed in it. Order Number is an active link, pressing on it will guide you to Order details.

After pressing the Merge button orders will be Merged and placed as one. You will notice an additional Tag with the capital letter M (merged).

If you press on the order number, you will see all the details about the Merged Order.

Merged Orders, payment status, customer, shipping address, billing address, and etc. At the bottom of the page, below the Note area, the Unmarge Orders button will appear.

Otherwise, orders can be merged manually, simply select mergeable orders in checkboxes on the left, you will see how the additional menu changed above, select Merge Selected.

It will give you the same result, Merged Orders.

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