The Inventory page consists of 5 different tabs. All, Configurable, Merged, Bundled, and Simple, each will be covered in its own Guide.

Here I will be covering the Merged Tab of Inventory page, this is where you will be able to find all of your Merged products.

From the Merged Inventory page, you can Update Stock levels, Adjust pricing, add Tags, set individual Re-Order points, Filter inventory, and use the Search Bar to find specific items.

We will go top-to-bottom to briefly cover each portion of the Merged Tab of Inventory Page:

You will always find the Main Menu at the top.

The sub-menu contains all the important Tabs. All, Configurable, Merged, Bundled, and Simple (each has its own guide), the Inventory Import and Export buttons.

The small area below that contains the Filters, Columns that allow you to Show/Hide them, Sort By Date, and the Search Bar. An additional Options and Tag buttons appear when there is at least one inventory item selected from the table. A small counter near the Search bar keeps track of the total amount of merged products you have in the Inventory.

Finally, we have our Merged Products Table. From here you can adjust Stock, Pricing, Re-Order point, and Tag items.

You can see how many items are currently awaiting to be shipped from the In-order sub-column from inside the Warehouse column, in the same place you will also find the Awaiting column, this shows how many items have been ordered via Purchase Order and are expected to arrive. To the right of the Warehouse column set, you will find the Reorder Point column.

At the very end, you will find the Retail Price column which allows you to change prices en masse for all Merged items.

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