No matter what type of Inventory items price you are changing, it all works the same way. Similarly like with Inventory stock change, you just click on the underlined price to change the number.

There are multiple places where you can do that and we will cover all of them in two separate guides.

1. Changing the price from the main Inventory table:

2. Changing the price from inside the Inventory item:

You can change prices for Simple, Merged, and Bundled items from the main inventory table in just a few clicks.

Let's focus on the far end of the table, that's where you will always find your prices.

In this case, I have chosen the Simple Inventory item Blue Pen.

Because Blue Pen is a locally created item its price is only visible in the local column. To change it I simply click on the field.

Type in the new number.

And just press Enter. The price information is instantly saved.

Now let's look at the Merged Inventory item T-Shirt Red XL pricing. Because it is a merged item, it exists in both Local and Shopify Inventory. This means it can have two separate prices for each item.

You will also take notice that the Retail Price column is empty, that is because the prices on the two marketplaces are different.

If I put a number into the Retail Price column, you will see that it will change the prices for both marketplaces. (Note: it will not recalculate the price for different currency)

And if I choose to put two separate prices for the merged item, the Retail Price column goes blank.

To change the price for Bundled items, just click inside the Retail Price column, enter a new number and you're done.

This covers changing prices from inside the main Inventory table.

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