No matter what type of Inventory items price you are changing, it all works the same way. Similarly like with Inventory stock change, you just click on the underlined price to change the number.

There are multiple places where you can do that and we will cover all of them in two separate guides.

1. Changing the price from the main Inventory table:

2. Changing the price from inside the Inventory item:

You can change prices for Simple, Merged, and Bundled items from inside the Inventory item by clicking on its name.

In this first case, we clicked on the simple listings Yellow Pencil.

If we focus on the last column inside the Product Info area, we will see Retail Price.

To change the price, simply click on the underlined number.

Type in the new value for your item.

And press Enter. That's it, the new price is saved.

The way to change the Inventory item price for a Merged item is a little different, as we can see all of the connected Inventory items.

In this case, we opened the T-Shirt Red XL merged inventory item.

If we focus on the center area of Merged products we will again see stock and pricing information. Different from simple items, we now have multiple items that can have their pricing changed and in different currencies.

Like the last time, simply click on the underlined price field and type a new number. In this case, I have increased each price by 10.

You can also mass change the price for your merged listing, by typing in a number in the empty field under the retail price. I have put in 5 into the field below and all of the prices above changed to 5 as well. (Note: it will not recalculate the price for different currency)

Changing prices for Bundled items is the same as for simple, even though the main view looks different.

The same as with all the other inventory types focus on the middle section that is called Bundle / Kit Product this time. In here you will find the pricing again, at the very back.

Same as with everything else, just press on the number, type in a new value, and press enter and you're done.

If you wanted to change the prices for the Bundle components, you will need to click on one of the Product names or SKU of the components, in the Components area and that will take you to the listing.

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