Quick Note: If your SKU's are identical between sales channels you should check out this guide on how to automatically merge your items.

You can manually Merge items inside Multiorders, this might be necessary if you have different SKU's across marketplaces for the same item, or you just want to do things yourself.

In this situation, we'll be Merging two different items with the name T-Shirt Red XL. One is a Locally created item that only exists on Multiorders, the other is a Shopify listing.

Please note that the stocks, reorder points and prices are different between the items. Once merged, only the price will stay unchanged.

To begin manual Merge you need to choose which sales channel you will be merging to, we recommend that you use the same pattern for all of your listings.

In this case, I've chosen to Merge the Shopify listing to the Locally created item and clicked on the Locally created item to go inside it.

Once inside. You will see three blue buttons to the right of the item's name. Merge, Bundle and Edit. Press on the Merge button (how to Bundle guide can be found here)

Once you press the Merge button, a new pop-up window will appear. Inside you will see all available items that you can merge to this specific listing.

At the very top, you will see the Search bar which can be used to find items that you want to merge. Products can be added by Title, SKU, Barcode, Supplier SKU, Bin Location, Brand, ASIN.

The center area will show all of the items that are available to Merge.

And the last part Contains the main item and the Merge button.

To begin Merging click on the green Plus button on the Shopify listing that could be seen in the center area.

In the lower area, we now see the Shopify listing added and his stock has automatically changed from 60 to 25 to match the Locally created products inventory Total. This will happen to all items that are getting merged.

To finish simply click on the blue Merge button. Multiorders will take a second to recalculate and then load a new Merged product for you.

The item is now merged and its stock in sync.

Please Note: In the product view only the Main items image and details are shown. The details of all other items are ignored and overwritten by the main item. This applies to all the fields you can see below, except for the Product SKU.

Looking lower we can see that the Total stocks have merged as well. While the In-order and Retail prices are left separated.

If you want to go back and un-merge the item. Simply look to the same place where you found the blue Merge button.

After pressing the Edit Merge button a similar to last time pop-up window will appear. The Red Minus button available near the Shopify listing will unmerge the item.

An additional notification window will pop up to make sure you ready to unmerge those products.

If you want to completely remove a merged product you need to first un-merge all items.

That's it. You now know how to manually Merge and Un-Merge your inventory items.

If you want to read more about Merged items, you should take a look at these guides:

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