Categories are an additional Inventory management tool that works in the same way as tags but leaves no mark. To add categories you need to go inside an Inventory item.

We've chosen to go inside the Blue T-Shirt For Women in this case.

To the right of the name, near the grey Tag button, you will find the Category button as well.

Pressing on it brings up a small drop-down with all of the available Categories. We do not add any default Categories at the start, so you will have to create some.

To create a Category simply press on the +Add Category text and a new pop-up window will appear.

Provide the Category name and description, then press the green Save button.

Once back in the item menu, click on the grey Category button again and you will find the category you have just created.

After pressing on your chosen category, you will get a confirmation message stating Product Updated and Category name on the grey category button below.

If you press the Category button again, you will see that it is now marked in blue color.

This Category can also be added, deleted, and generally edited from the Settings -> Company. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Note: With the Category added you can now use it in filters as well.

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