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How to Filter Inventory Items
How to Filter Inventory Items

Learn how to filter products by price, quantity, store, title and many other criteria

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  1. Go to the Inventory page and click on the Filter button:

  2. Select Filter Type to choose the criteria according to which you want to filter your products. Let's choose a Product Name in this case:

  3. Choose whether you want to exclude or include a specific phrase while searching. In this case, let's choose to search products that include the word "pencil" and click on Add:

  4. That's it! Your product list now only contains products that have the word "pencil" in their title. From here you can further filter this list by choosing more filters. Let's now filter by tag "not paid" to find out which pencil items were not paid for:

  5. Here we have a result after applying two filters - by product name and by tag. If you are going to use this filter quite often, you can click on Save for Later:

  6. A popup will appear where you have to give your filter a name and click on Save Filter:

  7. To locate your saved filter, go back to Filter and click on Saved Filters where you can see our previously created Not Paid Pencils filter. Select it and click on Apply to get the filtered results:

Filter Types

Price: Price is less, greater, or equal to the inventory retail price.
Quantity: quantity is less, greater, or equal to the total stock.
Store: products sold on specific sales channels (merged products included)

Brand: filter products by including or excluding product brand.
Supplier: filter out orders containing items from a specific Supplier.
Product Name: include or exclude containing a specific Inventory item.
Product SKU: include or exclude inventory containing a specific SKU.

Low Stock: products below the reorder point.
Category: items that belong to a specific category.

Sold out/ Expired: filter out items that are Sold out or Expired or those that aren't
Tag: include or exclude inventory containing a specific Tag.
FBA Quantity: filter by quantity less, greater or equal to the available FBA stock.

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