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How to set Inventory Reorder point and Low Stock Alerts
How to set Inventory Reorder point and Low Stock Alerts

Learn how to set reorder point and get low stock notifications to know when it's time to restock

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What is a reorder point and how it works

Each inventory item, whether simple, merged, or bundled can have its own unique Reorder point.

A reorder point is a manually set stock quantity limit. When it is reached, it will color your Available stock column numbers in red and an email notification will be sent to notify you that it's time to reorder.

You can also set the global reorder point so you wouldn't need to do it for all individual items.

How to set a reorder point for individual products

  1. Go to Inventory, find Reorder Point column

  2. To change the Reorder point value, click on any of the numbers inside the Reorder point column and type in the desired number:

  3. Press Enter or click anywhere else to save. To cancel, press Escape.

The Reorder point can also be set from the individual product page. Simply click on your product of choice:

In the second row, you will find the Reorder point field.

Again, just press on the number, enter new information and you're done.

How to set a global reorder point

Instead of setting an individual stock number for each inventory item, you can set one Global Reorder point that will apply to all inventory items that do not have their own custom Reorder point set.

  1. Go to Settings - Inventory and under Reorder Point section click on Edit:

  2. Enter the global reorder point and click on Save:

That's it! Your global reorder point has been set.

How to enable low stock email notifications

  1. Go to Settings - Inventory, scroll down to Reorder Point

  2. Click on the checkbox next to Send email notifications to enable them:

That's it!. From this point onwards, if any of your inventory items available stock level goes below the Reorder point you will get an email notification with the details of the item:

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