There are multiple ways on how you can change your inventory stock. Each Inventory type has its own nuances when it comes to stock changes. A guide for each can be found here:

  1. Simple Inventory Items

  2. Merged Inventory Items

  3. Bundled Inventory Items

In this guide, we will be covering the stock changes for Bundled Inventory items.

Unlike Simple and Merged inventory items, Bundled items stock cannot be directly edited. That is because their stock is automatically calculated and is the maximum available depending on the stock levels of its components.

Right now we are looking at a Bundled Item called Coloured Pencils.

If we clicked on it and checked inside we'd know that it is made out of 3 different components that I have marked with checkboxes in the inventory view.

The items are a Blue Pencil, Red Pencil and Yellow Pencil. We had originally set in that Bundle that there will be 1 of each pencil in the Coloured Pencils bundle.

So because Blue Pencil stock is only 9, the stock for Coloured Pencils Bundle is also 9.

We are going to click on the Blue Pencil listing and change its stock to a different number (we recommend reading on how to change stocks for simple items here).

The stock we had chosen is 20. We then press Enter to confirm new stock.

In a few moments, the Blue Pencil stock has updated to 20 and the Coloured Pencils Bundle stock has updated to 18. This is because the Blue Pencil stock now is not the lowest out of all, now the Red Pencil stock is the lowest out of all Coloured Pencil components and because we need 1 of each pencil, the maximum is 18.

To check the components and all of the quantities is easiest by clicking on the Bundled item name. This will bring up the inside menu. In this case, we clicked on Coloured Pencils, SKU: BOX_PEN.

Press the Blue button Open Bundle on the right side of the page, it will bring you components information of the bundled item.

Now focus on the Bundle / Kit and Components area.

You can see the Total calculated for the Bundle / Kit inventory item and you can see the totals of all of the components bellow.

I am going to quickly change the Qty in Bundle field in the same way I change simple items stock levels (by clicking on the underlines number and pressing enter).

I have changed the Qty in Bundle of the Blue Pen component to 10. This has instantly recalculated the available total stock for the Bundle / Kit item to 2.

The last available option to update inventory stock levels through Multiorders is to create a Purchase Order.

You cannot create a direct Purchase Order for the Bundled item, but you can create one for all of it's components. You can read more about Purchase Order creation here.

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