Go to the Customers page. On the left side, right below the Customers tab name, you will find a light blue button called Filter.

You can begin filtering your Customers by pressing on that button and selecting your Filter Type.

Press on your selected filter, for this example I've chosen Store. I can now filter out customers from a specific sales channel.

In this case, I have chosen to sort out all Customers who came from Shopify.

After pressing Add I can see only my Shopify customers.

From here, if I want to, I can add more filters. In this case, I will choose to further filter my customers by Customer created date. In this case, I have chosen 2021 - 05 - 01 on the calendar.

We can now see only those customers that fall under both Filter rules. If I decide that this combination of Filters I am planning to use multiple times in the future, I can click Save for later near the end of the displayed filter.

This will open a pop-up window allowing me to save this filter set for future use.

We can now go into Filters and Instead of Add a new filter, we can now press on the Saved Filters and choose from the list of our saved options and press Apply.

Quick Note on the filter types:

Customer Created Date: filter customers that came in on or after a specific date.
Store: filter our customers from a specific Sales Channel.
Country / City: include or exclude customers that come from a specific Country or City.
Postcode: include or exclude customers that come from a specific Postcode.
Company Name: include or exclude customers that come from a specific Company.
Tag: include or exclude customers containing a specific Tag.

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