How to Filter Customers

Learn how to filter customers

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  1. Go to the Customers page and click on Filter:

  2. Select the Filter Type. Let's say we want to filter all customers who came from a particular store thus I choose Filter Type as Store:

  3. In this case, I have chosen to sort out all Customers who came from Shopify:

  4. After I added the filter, in my Customers table I can now see only customers who came from Shopify:

From here you can add more filters to further filter your results. Let's say we want to filter our current Shopify customers by the Customer Created date. We repeat the process of going to filters, choosing filter type as Customer Created date, choosing the date, and clicking on Add:

We can now see only those customers that fall under both filter rules.

If you are planning to use this combination of filters quite often, you can save it for future use by clicking on Save for later:

A popup will open where you can name your filter and click on Save Filter:

To find your saved filter, go to Filter, click on Saved Filters - you will see it in the dropdown:

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