The individual Supplier Page consists of two columns. The first contains all suppliers near your current selection.

The second has all of the selected suppliers' information on display. From here you can Edit your suppliers' details and add Tags.

We will go top-to-bottom to briefly cover each portion of the Individual Suppliers Page Layout and Navigation:

1st Column:

This contains the Back button and other suppliers near your current selection.

For each supplier, you will see their name as well as email and telephone contact information.

2nd Column:

This contains detailed information about the supplier and purchase order history.

Going from top-to-bottom:
The supplier header displays their name and to the right, you can also see the supplier Edit and Tag buttons

Below that you find the Tag area, this will remain hidden if the supplier has no Tags added to them.

The Supplier Details area contains all of the important contact, address, and accounting information for the supplier.

Bellow that you will find the Purchase Order history. Here you can see all of the past purchase orders, their general details.

If you want you can jump into to see it in greater detail by clicking on the blue name.

At the very bottom, you will the Supplier Notes area. In here you can read notes left by other staff members and leave your own.

The red Delete Supplier button placed below the Notes area.

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