To create a new Auto Purchase Order, go into the Purchases tab, then press the Auto PO button.

Note: While creating an Auto PO all products must have a supplier assign to them.

There are two ways to create Auto PO, by Reorder Point and by All Ordered Inventory.

If you wish to create Auto PO by Reorder Point, make sure Reorder Point is set in your account settings. To double-check it, navigate to Settings then Company, and then Reorder Point.

Reorder Point can be set individually for each product on the Inventory page. It will have a priority while you are creating an Auto PO by Reorder Point.

For more information please read the article: How to set Inventory Reorder point and Low Stock Alerts.

If you wish to create Auto PO by All Ordered products, please select a timeframe throughout the products were ordered.

The custom field will let you pick the exact timeframe from the Start to the End Date.

If an Auto PO were created successful notification message would appear afterwards.

PO status appears as a Draft, press on the PO Number, it will navigate you to PO details. PO can be edited before Raised. Press the blue Raise Order button on the right to raise it.

A notification message will appear shortly.

After pressing Ok, a new PO will be raised.

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