How to Create Local orders.

First you need a template to work with. For this download one of the example .csv or .tsv files, by going in to your Orders page.

Then press on the Import button

This will bring up a pop-up that will have two options, Create & Update. Bellow those options there will be blue links offering to download the example sheets.

The example sheet that you download will have two examples, a New & Shipped order.

To know which fields are critical and which are optional please read the detailed chart here. Choosing to ignore those rules will result in orders failing to generate or broken orders being created.

For the first run we always recommend doing a single order only, just to be sure you understood how everything works. Once you have the .csv or .tsv file ready, go back into your Order Page and Press on the Import button again.

This time in the pop-up window press on the Create button, then press on the Choose Sheet button and select your Import ready sheet from your computer.

It should look something like this.

If the Import button is not visible like in the example, simply scroll down and you will see it. Then press on the button.

Your sheet will now be uploaded into the system for checking, if it passes it will be processed and order will be created. All of this progress can be found in the Reports page.

Once there simply scroll down and you will see the Log area, that will show you the progress of your current and past Imports and Exports.

Orders that have finished exporting and are ready for download will look like this.

White the order import is processing it will look like this.

Order Import that has completed without any errors will look like this.

Order Import that has failed will show you that it has processed all the items and how many of them failed.

You can then click on the number of failed orders and it will bring up a screen explaining what went wrong.

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