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How to manifest your shipments

Learn how to manifest your shipments on the Shipping page

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A shipping manifest is a document with a confirmed list of order shipments to be shipped on a particular day, and that is typically presented to the carrier outlining the individual shipping order details. In general, carriers require shippers to print out a manifest at the end of the day and pass it to the carrier for verification.

Out of all our integrated carriers, only Royal Mail requires to manifest shipments, for others it is not mandatory.

How to manifest Royal Mail shipments

  1. Go to the Shipping page. On the top, you will find your integrated carriers for whom you can manifest shipments:

  2. Here we have Royal Mail Manifest which generates all non-manifested orders up to this day. Press the Generate button and all manifests will appear in the dropdown.

    That's it - your shipments have been manifested.

How to manifest USPS shipments

Manifesting USPS shipments is not mandatory, but if you want to generate the manifests anyway, the process is almost the same as with Royal Mail:

  1. Find the USPS Manifest section on the top of the page

  2. Differently from Royal Mail, you can select the time period for unmanifested orders that were created on a specific time frame to be manifested:

Update tracking numbers for Royal Mail Click & Drop

Next to the manifest functionality on the top of the Shipping page, you can import tracking numbers from Royal Mail C&D and update this information in Multiorders:

There are certain limitations that you need to be aware of. We pass as much information as possible during shipment creation, but you cannot Pay & Print Labels, Cancel Void or Delete Shipments through Multiorders, it all must be done inside Click and Drop. That is why it is important to turn on the In-Progress status in Multiorders before you begin shipping. Once that is done you will then be able to sync in tracking codes through the Shipping page here after everything is completed on Click and Drop.

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