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How to manage orders using “In progress” order status
How to manage orders using “In progress” order status

Learn how you can prepare your shipping labels in advance without yet shipping the orders and notifying your customers

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When should you use the “In progress” order status?

Let’s say your courier arrives on Monday to pick up your orders, but you want the packages with labels prepared earlier on Friday before the weekend.

Instead of changing the status of your orders to “Shipped”, you can change it to “In Progress” which allows you to generate and print shipping labels without sending tracking details and updating order status to “Shipped” on your stores.

When the courier picks up your packages on Monday, only then you can dispatch the orders in Multiorders. This sends tracking information to your stores, updates order status to “Shipped” in Multiorders and your stores, and notifies the customer that his order has been shipped.

How to enable/disable the “In progress” order status?

To enable or disable “In progress” order status follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings - Shipping:

2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and select a checkbox to enable the “In progress” tab or uncheck it to disable it:

3. When the “In Progress” order status bar is enabled, it should appear among the other order statuses on the top menu bar:

How to use “In Progress” status when shipping orders?

Let’s try to ship an order once the “In progress” status is enabled.

  1. Select an order you want to ship and press the Ship Order button:

2. Select the option you want to ship your order with, in this case, Royal Mail:

3. Fill in package details, select shipping service, and click on the Buy Shipments button:

4. Click on Prepare Shipping Labels to have your label generated:

5. After the label is generated, the order status changes from New to In progress and you can now find your order under the “In progress” tab. At this point no update has been sent to your store, only the label has been generated.

When the courier arrives to pick up your package the next day, you can then click on Dispatch to have your order shipped, tracking number sent and status updated on your online store.

After clicking Dispatch the order status automatically changes to Shipped.

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