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How to set up your tax invoices
How to set up your tax invoices

Learn how to set up custom tax calculation for orders from each sales channel and have it generated on your tax invoice

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Most of the time Multiorders imports tax information from your marketplace. However, not all marketplaces send us the tax information in a clean manner, therefore, for certain orders, it can be missing.

To avoid this, we recommend using our tax invoice tool to set up custom tax calculations for each sales channel.

NOTE: Tax rules and calculations do not affect imported product information - they will only reflect inside the tax invoice PDF file which you can generate and print on demand.

  1. Go to Settings - Invoicing

  2. Start by setting up your tax rules first. This is used to calculate how much tax is added on top of your order items. Click on Add Rule.

  3. Fill in the details - give your tax rule a name, select whether you want your tax shown as a percentage or monetary value, enter the amount, select the countries and states the tax rule should apply to, and click on Save:

  4. The next step is to add a created tax rule to the stores for which it must apply. Scroll down to the Store Taxes section, find the store you want the tax applied to and click on the plus sign to add a rule:

  5. Find the rule you just created from the drop-down list and click on it to be added.

  6. IMPORTANT next step. If your product prices are already tax inclusive, having the tax rule added will show a double tax rate on your tax invoice.

    To avoid this, you have to select a checkmark on Subtract Store Taxes and enter the tax value that is already included in your product price :

    Once this has been applied, Multiorders will first deduct 20% from your product price and only then will apply the tax rule you have added on the tax invoice.

  7. The last rule you can add to your tax invoice is tax calculation on your shipping price. Click on the checkmark if you need this enabled:

That’s it! Let’s try printing the tax invoice to see how the tax rules reflect on it:

  1. Select any order by check-marking it

  2. Click on Print - Tax Invoice

The tax rate is shown as the one we set up in the tax rule before. You will also have an item price and subtotal both including and excluding tax as well as the breakdown of the total tax amount which includes subtotal tax and shipping tax:

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