Why do duplicate products occur in Multiorders from Etsy?

After you connect your Etsy store to Multiorders and edit your product details like SKU or title on your Etsy store, Etsy changes the product ID and sends it to Multiorders as a brand new product. ​​

If the product has variations, it happens with every variation of the product.

How to remove duplicate Etsy products from Multiorders?

The easiest way to deal with duplicates is to automatically merge them to your existing products as soon as they appear in Multiorders.

If Etsy is your main store, you can add the same Etsy store as a child integration and click on Merge:

Once the merge is created, go to Current Merges and click on Find New Products to merge the existing duplicates:

For the future duplicate products to be merged, mark the checkbox to automatically merge Etsy products together once a duplicate product appears:

If Etsy is already merged as a child integration to another sales channel, simply marking the checkbox will automatically merge the future duplicate products to the main product:

If it is the first time you are merging products, please read the article about Automatic Product Merge to follow step-by-step instructions and a more detailed explanation.

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