How to connect USPS to Multiorders
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NOTE: If you are looking to connect a personal business USPS account, please get in touch with our support team.

If you want to connect your USPS business account to Multiorders:

  1. Go to the Integrations page

  2. Find USPS integration and click on it

  3. An integration window will open where you have to fill in your card details as it will be used to purchase USPS credits:

    You must fill in Auto-Renew Threshold and Auto-Renew Amount fields even if you are not planning to use the autorenewal option - at the end of the form you can choose whether to enable autorenewal or not:

    Auto-Renew Threshold - define here a credit limit so when it is reached, the USPS credits will be automatically purchased from your card.

    Auto-Renew Amount - enter the amount your card will be charged when the Auto-Renew Threshold will be reached.

  4. Once you have finished filling in the details, you can choose whether you want to have auto USPS credit purchasing enabled. If you do, mark the checkbox next to Auto Renew. You can later enable it in USPS settings if needed:

  5. Click Connect and agree on the terms and conditions that will appear on the next page.

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