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How to generate and print documents
How to generate and print documents

Learn how print invoices, picking lists, delivery notes and return forms

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How to print documents

In Multiorders you are able to generate and print the following documents:

  • Invoice

  • Tax Invoice

  • Returns Form

  • Picking List

  • Delivery Note

To print these documents:

  1. Select an order you want to print the documents for by check-marking it and clicking on Print:

  2. From the dropdown list select the document you want to print. Let’s choose an invoice in this case:

  3. The document will open in a new tab from where you will be able to print it by clicking on Print:

How to customize documents

You can choose what can information can and cannot be shown on the documents.

Customize Shipping Labels

To customize the shipping label, go to Settings - Shipping, scroll down to the Shipping Labels section and on the right side, you will see all options that can be shown on your label - simply checkmark the ones you need:

Customize Invoices

To customize your invoices, go to Settings - Invoicing, scroll down to the Invoice & Tax Invoice Settings and you will see options under Invoice and Tax invoice which you can select to be shown:

Customize Return forms, picking lists, delivery notes, purchase orders

To customize these documents, go to Settings - Supporting documents and mark checkboxes on the information fields you want to be shown under each document:

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