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How to find and delete dead product listings
How to find and delete dead product listings

Removing inactive product listings stuck in Multiorders

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Why do we not remove dead listings automatically?

When you remove a product from your sales channel it does not automatically disappear from Multiorders. We have not implemented this feature, because products often carry historical order information, they could be merged or bundled and automatically deleting them can cause a variety of issues that can be close to impossible to track in after they happened.

How to find dead products?

We will go over the detailed process in a moment, but in short, we find dead products by checking their "Updated Date". If the product has not updated for a long time, meaning, not had any changes made to it from the sales channel or from within Multiorders, there is a good chance it's a dead listing. Technically, it could also mean that it is a low selling product, but there are ways to filter out products like these using methods detailed bellow.

Step by Step Process.

I will detail the steps with as much info as possible, if anything is unclear, please get in touch with our support team over the live chat.

Before you start:

As mentioned earlier, we find dead products by checking their "Updated Date", so when performing these steps it is recommended that no inventory changes are made, or you could end up with some dead leftovers.

Update all active products:

To avoid false positives on low selling items we need the system to take all the products from your sales channels and update all matching inventory items on Multiorders. To do this, got to the Integrations page and press on the "Import Now" button on the desired integration.

This button not only starts the import of your inventory and orders, but it will also do the aforementioned product check. We also highly recommend doing this for all of your sales channels, one after the other if you have merged products in your store. This is so that you wouldn't accidentally delete merged products that have active components.

Enable the "Updated Date" column:

It can be helpful to see products Updated Date within the inventory table when searching for items to delete. To enable this column, go to your Inventory page and press on the "Columns" button.

This will bring up the settings menu allowing you to turn various columns on and off. Scroll to the bottom of the menu, enable "Updated Date" and press Save.

Filter products by "Update Date"

When in your Inventory page, press on the Filter button.

Then choose Update Date filter type. On or Before range. And yesterdays date. This will leave you only with the products that never got updated during the active product check.

You should now see only the inactive products. From here you can select your products via checkbox and bulk delete with the Actions tools.

Please be aware that our product checker works only on integrations and if you have Locally created products, their update dates will not change, be careful to not accidentally delete them via bulk actions.

You can always change the amount of products you see per page via the settings at the bottom of the page

Deleting large quantities of products can sometimes be slow and if it appears like it's stuck after a while, try reloading the page. To make things easier you can also add an additional filter for a specific sales channels and work on deleting products on them one by one.


If you run into any issues or think that you have seen too many or not enough products after the product check, let us know and we will investigate the issue.

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