Over the past few months, we worked hard to adapt to the new Amazon API.

While the transition has been made mandatory by Amazon, and the benefit will not be immediately visible, this gives us new tools to implement improvements on the type of information we can import from Amazon.

This week, you MUST DO ONE THING to complete this transition on your account.

Go into your integrations page.
Then, look at the center of your Amazon integration to find a link called "Upgrade Integration." You will find this link on all of your amazon integrations. Please check them all.

You need to have the new UI enabled for the upgrade to go through.

If you do not see this link, you are already using the latest version, and there is nothing you need to do (check all amazon integrations).

If you see the link, clicking it will take you to your Amazon account to generate new credentials for Multiorders.

You may first see the option to select your region and store. Ensure you are logged into the correct Amazon account and select the right region and country when confirming your credentials. If you choose incorrectly, you may need to delete your integration and add it again.

Once the region selection is complete, you will see a new Amazon Authorisation window. Please mark the checkbox below to confirm that you are granting us access to your account and press Confirm.

This will then re-direct you into Multiorders with the link "Upgrade Integration" gone. You will not need to copy any keys or ID information, as the process is now automated. Please take extra care when selecting which integration you authorize.

If you have more than one Amazon integration to update, it is important that you refresh the integration page before pressing "Upgrade Integration" on your other amazon stores.

Once this is done, there is nothing else you need to do. Your orders and inventory will continue to update as they always have.

However, If you are experiencing any problems or have additional questions about the upgrade process, please get in touch with us.

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