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Step 5: Automatic Order Routing

How do we manage your secondary sales channel orders

Updated over a week ago

When your secondary sales channel listings start generating orders, our tool will automatically route these orders back to the Wix platform, where you will rely on your existing order fulfillment infrastructure.


  • You can proceed with fulfilling orders the same way you fulfill your Wix orders, there's no need to fulfill orders on eBay / Etsy.

  • You can choose whether to route all the orders or only when products are linked to a master product. This setting can be changed under the integration settings:

Once the order is fulfilled, our system will automatically forward the shipping status and tracking details back to the respective marketplace.

What's next?

The next step is to understand how we keep your inventory updated. Please read more information about this in the following article: Step 6: Keep the inventory updated.

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