Bulk Product Edit

How to use bulk edit while listing new or editing your current eBay/Etsy products.

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Once you have selected your Shopify products from the Product Catalog that you wish to list, you are forwarded to the Unpublished product page - where you can see the spreadsheet view of draft listings that are created within Multiorders itself.

By selecting multiple products, you will enable the Bulk Edit selection:

To apply the same value for all the products without the need to set up them one by one, you can click one of the Bulk Editor fields.


Let's say all the items you selected have the same Returns Settings.
1. Click on the Returns Settings field:

2. A new window will pop up:

3. Select the Return policy of your choice, and click the Apply to selected Products button.

This will immediately update all your selected products with the same value you chose.

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