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Shopify product variations, locations and links. What's the difference between Main Store and Sales Channels. Shopify product listing.

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Importing Shopify products

Our application automatically imports your Shopify products which you can find under the Product Catalog. If you do not immediately see your products listed, we recommend waiting momentarily as the import process progresses. You can monitor the status of the product import process by clicking on the notifications icon located at the top-right corner of the page:

Once the import is complete, your current Shopify products will be readily available within the catalog:

Additionally, if you add new products to your Shopify store or make modifications to existing ones (such as altering titles or SKUs), you will have to manually run an import. This can be done under the Integrations page. Here, you can initiate the import of the latest information by clicking on the designated 'Import Latest Info' button next to your Shopify integration:

Shopify product variations and locations

By simply clicking on a product or hovering your mouse over it, you can access a comprehensive array of details, including its variations and locations. Below is an example illustrating how a product with variations is displayed:

Variations (mouse hovered)

Variations (expanded by clicking):

Below is an example illustrating how product locations are displayed:
​Locations (mouse hovered):

Locations: (expanded by clicking):

Shopify product links

If you currently have identical products on Shopify and eBay/Etsy, they will be linked automatically based on their matching SKU. If SKUs do not match but the products are identical, you are able to manually link them. Here's an article about product linking: Product linking.

Once you start listing your Shopify products on eBay/Etsy, they will automatically share their SKUs so we will automatically link them together.

Below is an example illustrating how product links are displayed:

Product links (mouse hovered):

As you can see, it says that the product has 3 links. By expanding your product, you are able to see that Shopify product variations share the same SKU with eBay products.

Main Store - Sales Channels

You can see that each of your products has a Shopify icon next to it in the Main Store column. This represents that all the items visible in the Product Catalog belong to Shopify.

Furthermore, the Sales Channels column represents where your Shopify product is listed. If you see a blurry icon of Etsy or eBay, it means that the listing hasn't been finished for this product. If you see a clear icon of Etsy or eBay, it means that the product is already listed. No icons means that the listing hasn't been started.

Therefore, you have a full view of your Shopify products and where each of them is listed.

Quantity and Price

In the quantity and price columns, you can see the current quantity and price set for your Shopify products. To make changes, please visit your Shopify inventory page and adjust your products there. We should automatically update the products in the Product Catalog. However, if you've made updates and don't see any changes reflected, please visit the integrations page and click the 'Import Latest Info' button for your Shopify store.

Product Status

In the Product Status column, you can see the status of your Shopify item and, if you've attempted to list it on sales channels like Etsy or eBay, its status is there as well. If the icon is green, the item is listed on that sales channel. By hovering the mouse over the status, you can see where this product is currently listed, and if the icon is orange, you can identify the issue. In the example below, you will notice that one of the items has begun the process of being listed on eBay, but its status is orange, indicating missing fields.

This means that the listing process has been started but hasn't been finished. For more information about this, please read the following article: List your Shopify products.

Number of Shopify products shown per page

You can navigate to the left bottom corner and select how many items you wish to be shown: 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100.

Listing your Shopify products

To list your products, simply choose one or multiple items, then click the "List Products" button. Next, select the sales channel to which you want to list them. Following this, you will be redirected to the editor page.

How to continue listing? These are the articles that might help:

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