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Find out how the difference between eBay view and edit mode. Learn about the listing process.

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NOTE: the detailed process of listing your Shopify products to eBay can be found in the following article: Listing Shopify products to eBay

eBay's view mode

Once you click on the eBay integration in the Channel Listings section, a view mode of your eBay products will be opened:

Expanding listings

You can expand these listings if they have variations:

Link of eBay products

You will see links to your products; it's the chain icon next to each:

If the icon is green, it means the eBay product is linked with the Shopify product:

If it's orange, it means that some variations are linked and some are not:

If it's red, it means that no listing variations are linked:

Link or unlink your eBay products manually

If you currently have identical products on Shopify and eBay, they will be linked automatically based on their matching SKU. If SKUs do not match but the products are identical, you are able to manually link them. To manually link these products, you can click on the red chain icon. This action opens a new table where they can select your Shopify product and establish the link manually. You have the option to search for items by their titles or SKUs, facilitating a quick and efficient linking process.

If you wish to unlink a product, simply click on the green chain icon, where you will find the option to 'unlink' the product:

SKU, quantity, and price of eBay products

Next, you will see the SKU, quantity, and price of your eBay listings. You can also view the listing status, which is either published or unpublished. If it's unpublished, you will also see the reason. For example, in the example below, it says 'missing fields':

Search and filter your eBay products

Additionally, you can search for items here by title or SKU, as well as filter items by status (linked or unlinked) and by publication status (published, unpublished, or errored):

eBay's edit mode

To enter edit mode, click the 'Edit Mode' button in the top-right corner. Note that reverting back to View Mode is as simple as clicking the 'View Mode' button.

In the Edit Mode, you can see your eBay products that can be edited.

eBay products are categorized into three sections: Published, Unpublished, and Errored. Published products are those already listed on eBay, Unpublished refers to products for which the listing process has been initiated but not completed, while Errored products require attention and correction before listing on eBay.

For further insight into what can be done while in eBay's edit mode, we recommend reading the following article: Listing Shopify products to eBay.

Horizontal scrolling

Please note that horizontal scrolling may be necessary, as certain mandatory fields must be completed before listing. These fields ensure compliance and accuracy in the listing process, enhancing the overall quality of product listings.

Bulk editor

When editing multiple items, you can utilize the bulk editing feature for efficiency. By selecting multiple or all products, a bulk editor section becomes available. This streamlined interface allows for simpler adjustments to be made across multiple items simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Critical fields missing

During the editing process, you may encounter a message within our app indicating that certain products have critical fields missing. This often occurs when mandatory fields have not been filled out. For further information on this topic, we recommend referring to our article Listing Products to eBay.

Finishing listing process

After completing the product edits, you can finalize your listings by selecting products and clicking the 'Select Action' button, followed by 'Publish to eBay.' This straightforward process ensures a seamless transition from editing to publishing, facilitating efficient management of listings.

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