Orders page

What information can be accessed in the Orders page.

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On the orders page, you are able to see orders from your secondary sales channels (eBay/Etsy) that were routed to Shopify. We route orders for all your secondary sales channel items or just for items that are linked to your Shopify items. This can be adjusted in the integration settings. You can learn more by clicking on these articles respectively for Etsy integration and eBay integration.

On the orders page, you can see to which sales channel Etsy or eBay the order belongs, as well as its number on that sales channel. Once the order is routed to Shopify, it gets a new order number, which is also represented here. Moreover, you see data like the purchase date.

These routed orders should be fulfilled on Shopify. Once you do so, we will then update carrier and tracking information within our app, as well as send updates to your sales channels respectively. If there are any errors during any of these processes, you will see them under the error log column.

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