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How to view generated shipping labels and shipping history
How to view generated shipping labels and shipping history

Learn how to quickly check shipment information for every order and re-print shipping labels

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Viewing shipments from the Orders page

When you have shipped your orders, they appear in a Shipped tab or they appear in the In-Progress tab first if you have it enabled.

To quickly view the shipment information:

  1. Go to the Orders page, click on the Shipped or In-progress tab if you have it enabled, and find the Icons column. There you will see a van icon which you have to click on:

  2. A popup will appear where you can view Shipment History - you will see the information like order ship date, status, carrier information, tracking number and if needed you can re-print the shipping label by clicking on Print Label:

    NOTE: You can only view the shipment history for the orders that were shipped from Multiorders. If the shipment was made directly from your store, no shipment history will be shown:

Viewing shipments from the Shipping page

On the Shipping page, you can view your generated shipping labels and re-print them from here if needed by clicking on the download link.

You can find labels quickly by choosing the Date Printed or Label Type:

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